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to dad; id; love; god; the good; the present; the loop; the inevitable; the lady and her delicacy; or to the feet

Haziran 27, 2023
Ahmet Ayberk Aykul


Use me for your own pleasure
Abuse me when your Sade inside gazes upon
Exploit my thoughts and corrupt my body
Scrape my skull -to caress my hair- rape me
Maltreat my skin humiliate my hands
Objectify every piece of me for your rests
-cause all of me meant to be useful to your presence-
Prostitute my tongue cut off my breath
-Just for the fun of it-
Take advantage of me and only me
I wanna be adored
I know you don’t need me
But be in need of me
Expect the unfeasible from my being -who always cowardly-
And insult me when I finally managed to be
-I wanna be adored-
For I see the poise in your beauty
I can never be for you
Let me shatter before your divinity
Then compose me again to complete.
My destiny or this humane worshipping ceremony
-of course that’s only if you need me-
Be in need of me
I wanna be adored

image: Dave Baby (2023) by Roxy Lee, for TON

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