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after hours

Şubat 13, 2024
Ahmet Ayberk Aykul


We made it

-Not a lie!-

We’ve made everything -roar a hurray to us!-

We’ve created a pulp electrical world 

to play ourselves and only ourselves

in it.

We escaped there at orphan times

and counted waves at first. 

In there we broke our hearts; 

In there we felt little across 

a couple of eyes.

Even at most abandoned times  

a deep emptiness was there 

to fulfill our hearts.

I wondered the nuisance of the clouds 

at the time,

and; we wondered again 

what did the birds say 

when they first see a plane among them.

We wondered what exceeds us;

the borders of the aquarium;

the possible existence of any door 

that opens through outside of our gods.

we have been through dark streets

wandering at the nights

where we saw fat uncles rolling joints 

watched their pale yellow fingers

-can’t lie!- 

I saw in these very fingers 

How sensitive I am

against every little change around me

How hard I long 

for immense emotional pressures all the time

And that how little the others know about themselves

and most of the time 

how they can’t even realize my existence

amongst them.

It was all like a dream after all…

Couldn’t silence them 

not even one

that were inside

All have gotten out tho’

Only I

was forced to stay.

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