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Başak Günak’s – a.k.a. Ah! Kosmos – notoriously mesmerising collaboration with Özgür Yılmaz was named “Wide”; perhaps due to the range of psychedelia within the soft edges it provides and with a little dash from 3 Hürel’s masterpiece “Sevenler Ağlarmış”, the song becomes nostalgic and futuristic all at once. giving the freedom to be an all inclusive doppelganger you may shift from being a flaneur to a courtesan; and with “wide” looking wide open, why not both?

to visualise such a remarkable audio texture should have been off the charts and yet Harun Güler’s approach to “wide” is rooted, alive and candid. otherworldly images combined with performances to remember binds and bends the ordinary and the montage is crafted to fulfill blurry absolute. The beauty of it is that both artists have so much to offer if you’re into daydreaming and stargazing;

https://harunguler.com/ & https://ahkosmos.com/


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