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Irani Bag / کیف ایرانی

Encountering an artwork can be a transformative experience, one that etches itself into the recesses of our memory, sometimes for a lifetime. We’re often captivated not only by the visible elements but also by the profound impact of absence and empty space. Maryam Tafakori, a visionary filmmaker from Iran, understands this dynamic intimately. Her artistry lies not merely in the creation of new works but in the exploration of the ineffable, the unspoken, and the unseen.

Tafakori’s cinematic journey is a testament to her ability to unveil the latent emotions and narratives hidden within both tangible and intangible realms. Rather than starting from a blank canvas, she delves into the existing fabric of reality, teasing out the whispers and echoes that linger in the collective unconscious. Through her lens, the mundane becomes mystical, and the overlooked transforms into the profound.

Her work is not merely about creating art; it’s about forging connections, fostering empathy, and expanding the boundaries of our collective imagination.

Shirin Ekhlasi


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