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color me

we all contain darkness. a door to a strange place, where the world falls apart and becomes unrecognizable. a floaty reality, almost dreamlike.

how do we respond when we have to face our own fears and mortality, and is it possible to find tranquility within the world of our nightmares?

these are some of the themes explored by the new art project Color Me, a collaboration between Danish director Martin de Thurah and Active Child, the musical alias of American singer, songwriter and producer Patrick Grossi.

de Thurah has combined sculpting, live-action recordings and visual effects with the trembling and distorted sound of Active Child’s track ”Color Me” to create a haunting and visually innovative film – one of his most ambitious projects to date.

“i wanted to make something frightening, and I know it is very hard. to create a film in which someone was physically penetrated by their own anxiety. In a gentle way, with a lot of love and the possibility of healing,” Martin de Thurah says.

as for Patrick Grossi the project echoes an attempt to grasp the sadness and hope of life.

Color Me could be a sludgy nightmare for one or end up being a fluid dream of another…


© Tüm hakları saklıdır. Developped by ordek.co .