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my name is Noura and I would love to be known as Soporifika. I never studied photography but as far as I remember, I have been taking pictures my whole life. whenever I had a school trip, or holidays somewhere, my dad would buy me those disposable cameras, to immortalise moments of happiness. three years ago, I decided to buy a real one, to keep on immortalising my surroundings, making the temporary timeless. beauty is everywhere around me, whether it is the smile of a friend, a good tag on the wall, a place I feel comfortable in or the bliss of a stranger. in this exhibition, I wanted to show what is timeless to me, and it’s often memories that last for less than an hour.. I chose eleven pictures of my trip to London, with four other pictures from, respectively, Berlin and Paris. why? because they all fit together, and if I hadn’t said anything, you would not have guessed.

© Tüm hakları saklıdır. Developped by ordek.co .