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poetry of the unseen



Yiğit Burak Yılmaz

What makes up a day? Is it the places visited, the flavors savored, the textures felt, or the fleeting aromas encountered while strolling down the street? Do you experience sonder, that profound realization of the unique lives each person leads, when you meet someone eye to eye?

A day encompasses a multitue of elements, often overlooked by our conscious awareness. Do you notice the flapping wings of a bird you walk past, the road that doesn’t seem to lead anywhere, or the temporary shadow cast by a solitary cloud?

In a world marked by tirelessly hectic schedules, the opportunity to pause and acknowledge the intricate details shaping our limited time on this planet often eludes us. Photography, however, assumes the role of a devoted observer, capturing the extraordinary, the forgotten, and the underappreciated.

It acts as a blind stick for those who can see but may not fully recognize the subtle beauty embedded in the everyday. In this relentless pursuit, photography becomes an art form that speaks to the genuine and appreciative soul, revealing the poetry in the seemingly mundane moments that constitute our lives.

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