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“mini film massive acting” may have been one of the – kitsch – headliners for Estonian producer & director Aet Laigu’s latest work Putain and yet the film is anything but kitsch. The self proclaimed “fantastical miniature” film is set to be representing the schizophrenic relations between East and West as the war goes on in Europe but Putain is definitely more than meeting the eye.

It could be a spoof of cinematic cliches while at the same time mastering the idea of a relationship in general as a concept; or maybe it means nothing at all, which apart would prefer. Perfectly crafted and shot Putain showcases the acting range of Linda Vaher, whom we knew from Unfamiliars during UFF X and mesmerised by her subtle acting. And here she is expressionist all the way in a “not sweet, disturbing and wry” short short film that is Putain… see it for yourself..

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